Water Quality and Sources

Water Quality

When only the best will do

Hands under clean running water“We believe strongly in providing clean, safe and consistent quality water for all purposes.”

ALL of our water is purchased from municipal sources only. The water is treated and deemed potable by the individual municipalities. We currently load our trucks at City of Kingston West, City of Kingston East, Loyalist Township, the Town of Napanee and the City of Brockville.

We use only food grade stainless steel equipped tanks to ensure the quality of the water we haul does not change in route. Our trucks are NOT recycled fuel trucks. The trucks are always kept clean and meet all MTO and Transport Canada requirements. We follow all the “Guidelines For Water Haulers” as set out by the Ministry of Health and are inspected regularly by the KFL&A Public Health Unit.

Swimming Pool Volume Calculator

Swimming pools are filled by volume. If you don’t know how to calculate the volume of your pool, we have found a great tool for you!

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Water Conservation