The choice is

Bulk Water Delivery Services Available for:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Cisterns
  • Wells
  • Hot Tubs
  • Ice Rinks
  • Potable Water
  • Special and Corporate Events
  • 24 hr. Emergency Supply
  • Sod/Tree Watering
  • Spray bars for Construction
  • On Site Water supply
  • Tank Rentals
  • Industrial Plant Maintainance/Supply
  • Boat/Ship Water Refilling



Clean, chlorinated water

Tired of paying sewage charges or draining your well for the water you put in your pool?
We have a variety of sizes of water deliveries to suit all your pool filling needs whether it be opening in the spring, filling a newly constructed pool, replacement pool liner or if you just need the water level back into your skimmer, we can deliver a small top up. We get our water from municipal sources to ensure clean, clear water every time. When ordering it is helpful to know the size of your pool in order to bring you the correct amount.


Potable water

well and cisterns

A rural way of life
We live in an area where for some households, cisterns are way of life.  We make sure anyone who needs it will have clean, potable water in a timely manner. We offer the option for Auto-fill or ordering a delivery when needed.  It’s hard to estimate how much water you will require, but an average sized family of 4 may use around 3000 imperial gallons per month.  Your usage will be more or less depending on your consumption habits.


Automatic and call-in deliveries

Is your well not quite up to the challenge?

Similarly, with cisterns, we live in an area where water can be scarce at some times during the year.  We have the same standards for wells as we do for cisterns.  We make sure anyone who runs out of water will receive clean, potable water in a timely manner.

If you have a dug well and run out of water it is probably because the water table has dropped below your pump.  This can happen in a dry summer or prolonged periods with no rain.  we are able to deliver a load of water to fill the cavity below your well casing.  It may or may not retain the entire load but typically will help get most households through a dry spell.

If you have drilled well and you run out of water it is likely that you will need to call a well contractor.  These types of wells are typically drilled into a water vein and have no large cavity where water is retained, therefore we cannot deliver any more water than the casing pipe will hold which is 100 gallons or so.


Unwind and soak away your aches and pains


Change your water every 3 months to maintain optimal water quality.
What a great way to unwind from a long day or soak away some aches and pains! Manufacturers of hot tubs and swim spas recommend changing your water every 3 months to maintain optimal water quality.

If your water source is from a well, you may wish to have treated municipal water delivered as typically ground water from a well is much harder to maintain a proper balance with chemicals after it is heated.

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver heated water but most hot tubs and swim spas will heat the water in about 12 hours. We are able to deliver to both indoor and outdoor hot tubs and swim spas as our trucks carry 200 feet of hose to get the water where it needs to be. Our drivers are knowledgeable in the filling of hot tubs and swim spas.


Enjoying the winter  at home

Outdoor skating rink

Building the ‘perfect’ outdoor rink
What a great way to enjoy the outdoors and keep the kids, and adults moving during the winter.  The setup of any ODR, outdoor rink is the key to its success.  It is VERY important to make sure the surface is as level as possible as this can be a huge determining factor in the cost of filling it with bulk water.  A rink out of level can be the difference between 1 load or 4.  If the rink is level, 4 inches of water is adequate.  The boards will need to be high enough to support any additional water needed to make up for any non-level conditions and strong enough to support the weight.  Water weighs 10 pounds per gallon.  It is important to make sure there are no sticks or stones that could puncture the poly liner upon filling.  It is also important to leave some slack in the liner between the boards and the surface so the weight of the water does not rip the liner.  Our drivers will ensure the water is pumped in a way that will optimize your ice.


We help make your event a success

delivering water to special events

Bulk water where and when you need it.

We have many sized loads and containers to help make your event a success.  If you need water for any reason, be it drinking or washing or just having fun, we have the right equipment for you. We have lots of experience in the area for fundraising, team building or corporate events.  Please feel free to call and discuss any needs you might have. 



Taking care of new plantings

tree and sod watering

Municipal and civic large scale watering
After spending time and money putting down new sod or planting new trees the last thing you want is to have them die.  We are experienced in large scale watering for municipal and civil projects including, landscaping of new builds, parks and roadway infrastructure projects.   We can estimate time and amount of water required and will give you a quote on your project.


Large or small projects

Construction site services

Dust suppression, compaction, sod/hydro seed/tree watering, water main testing, onsite temporary water supply
With rules and regulation always changing it is important to have a partner that will make themselves available for your company when needed.  We are experienced in everything from small private projects to large scale site, road or highway building and development.   Some of the services we provide are dust suppression and compaction, sod, hydro seed and tree watering, water main testing, onsite temporary water supply, dust control for demolition work or anything else you may require.  We charge one flat fee to get the truck on site so you are not paying for the driver to load the water and we bill by the hour in 15-minute increments so you are not paying for time you don’t use.


industrial and maintenance

We keep running so that you can keep running.

We serve a number of Industrial plants in the area that count on our timely, reliable service in order to keep their processes running. Our company can provide references to demonstrate our dedication to safety, exceptional customer service and emergency response.


filling ships and boats

Freighters, cruise ships, private tour operators, coast guard, navy vessels
We are lucky enough to live near such an important and beautiful body of water.  We have service freighters, cruise ships, private tour operators, coast guard and navy vessels in large quantities with multiple trucks at once or back-to-back to adhere to their tight schedule.  Water for all rail services is also available around the clock with notice.


On-site water

On-site water supply, one building or an entire neighbourhood
Whether water supply is needed for hours or days we are able to service all.  We can provide monitored potable water hookup for one building or a whole neighborhood.  We are available for a planned shut down for scheduled maintenance or emergency response.  Water testing and reports are available for compliance.

Clear. Clean. Fresh.

All of our water is purchased from local municipalities and is completely free of contaminants

Our Equipment

We have six straight trucks ranging from tandem axle up to five axle for smaller deliveries and tighter spaces, and three tractor trailer combinations for larger jobs. Our trucks have GPS tracking so we can always tell you where your order is. The trucks range in sizes from 3500 imperial gallons up to 7500 imperial gallons. All of our trucks have stainless steel tanks, on board pumps, and carry 200 ft. of 3″ hose. More hose can be arranged if necessary but extra fees may apply. The tandem axle trucks all have a cab controlled rear gravity spray bar for dust control, and a driver operated 1.5″ sod hose with fire nozzle. Available by request is our pressurized spray truck with 5 different nozzles and jets for washing roads, spraying material piles and a variety of other construction related uses. We also have an assortment of other various fittings to accommodate any type of connection.

We strive to exceed our customers expectations, so please let us know how we can use our equipment to help you complete your project.