Clean, chlorinated water

Tired of paying sewage charges or draining your well for the water you put in your pool?
Many of our clients say it is way easier and a lot cheaper to have us fill their pool in the spring. A full size pool can be topped up in as little as 20 minutes. Save time and money by having bulk water delivered to your doorstep.


Compaction, dust control, sod and trees

Need something to cool you down when the heat is on?
All of our trucks are equipped with sod hoses and rear discharge, cab controlled spray bars. We’re just one call away from being able to help you finish your job!


Automatic and call-in deliveries

Is your well not quite up to the challenge?

We will help supplement your current supply be it for quantity or quality issues. We also have tanks to rent for your location to hold our great product.

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“CLEAR” is a true reflection of the water we deliver, the level of service we provide, and the relationships we build.

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